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Best new reason to love Payne Park: Cafe in the Park
— Sarasota Magazine Best of 2015
“Just returned from Payne Park in Sarasota...had lunch at a wonderful new addition to the park...Café in the Park. Awesome sandwiches & salads...This spot is surely a special place to spend the afternoon, enjoying the yummy food, music, beautiful view of the park, Circus playground, pond & fountains.”
— An visitor, Jayne S.
The Cuban, drawing a crowd with its generous helping of “pork lechon,” is immersed for two days in a traditional citrus-marinade with crushed pepper, salt, garlic and oregano, later joining Swiss, pickles and their notorious mayo-mustard sauce—an utterly indulgent fix.
— SRQ Magazine
The menu is limited, thank God, with pressed sandwiches like Cubans, cheapo grilled cheeses, baguette sandwiches and salads. I zero in on the “Zoe,” a Belgian sandwich with prosciutto, goat cheese, honey and pine nuts slapped between two hunks of baguette. The best part of the sandwich? That bread, which is so crunchy I have to sink my teeth into it and tear the rest away from my mouth. By the end of my meal, the roof of my mouth is raw and sore, the true sign of a well baked baguette.
— Cheap Eats SRQ
For the littles they have a “kids lunch box” which includes a healthy, you-pick sandwich, side, drink and small toy. Of course, they also offer the typical assortment of beverages, individually brewed coffee and espresso, organic hot teas, bagged chips, other snack sundries, and even a handful of homemade desserts too.
— Epicurious: Cafe in the Park